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Felix has to keep watching it. Were he ever to take his eyes off it for a moment, we'd be doomed. All of us. The whole city.
It's the last of its kind. Or maybe it's the only one of its kind. We don't know because we don't really understand how the blasted thing works. All we know is that for the time being, it's a hat. It's a hat and that way it can't harm anyone. Were it ever to stop being a hat...
You think I'm joking? You think my calling it a hat is a clever metaphor or something? No! A Tyrolean hat. Tan, with a grey band and a bright red feather. This is a hat the ancient Germans would put on their head and go out with.
I can show you if you like. The more eyes, the more certain it will stay a hat. When Felix first saw it, he caught a glimpse of it changing into the hat, and knew what it was. He called his team over, told them to keep staring at it while he cut his eyelids open and peeled them off. He had one bring a chair, which he demanded they chain him to. He had them bring a lubrication device to keep his eyes wet. He took it upon himself to stare at it for the rest of his life and keep the city safe as long as he lived.
When he dreams--he falls asleep for about an hour each night--he dreams about it. The REM doesn't take it out of his field of vision, so he can watch it even in his sleep. How's that for dedication?
If he died? If he died we'd be in trouble. See, it sustains whatever form it had when one looks at it. As soon as you take your eyes off of it, it can move and change at will. Walls don't stop it. Weapons don't hurt it. As long as it's a hat, we're fine.
When Felix starts showing signs that he might die, we'll cut off another man's eyelids and sit him in the chair. A young man. We need all the time we can get. See, it can't be killed or even moved by any of the resources we have. So he just sits there in the tunnel, three torches his only light, as he stares at the hat. People come and feed him, read him the news, and stories. He likes historical fiction, particularly stories about Ancient Rome. They take his mind off what he's staring at.
A hat.
As long as it's a hat, we're safe.
As soon as it stops being a hat, we're all dead.
We're all dead.
It's a Hat
This was in Bogleech dot com's 2013 Creepypasta Competition. I placed fourth, I believe, but not with this one. I put it here because I thought it had a nice blend of absurd swilling about in the macabre. Mature content because eyelids, I guess, are important to some people.
It was a simple matter for Rose to crack Khan's golden armor once she got her hands in his helmet, but when she did, the suit clattered to the ground, a slight whisp of smoke the only hint that anything ever inhabited it. The armor-clad dragoness fixed me with slowly shifting eyes. "Vlad, what's happened to my werewolf? Vlad, what have you done with my werewolf? Vlad, what have you and your psychotic spirit friend done with my werewolf?"

I finished tying the mages' capes around them, after which I removed my boot from the first's visor. "Care to answer the lady's question? What did Blackdawn do to Khan? He's just a suit of armor now?"

"To be a Son of Fenrir means more than one's body. The call of Fenrir reaches through the body, through the mind, to the very soul. The Executioner was a Son of Fenrir in body before, but in dying, he transcended physical form. Our Mistress hasn't seen it necessary to restore our bodily forms, but we are as powerful as we ever were in our armor. And as many times as we die, we can be revived. Such is Blackdawn's power."

I kicked him over, he and his brother toppling. I looked around--One small window, no doors apart from the one we'd come through. "We need to ignore this trio, Rose. If what they're saying is true, if we keep fighting them, they'll eventually exhaust us. Our best bet is simply to blaze through the castle and find her before these three catch up."

Rose smiled slowly. I had used the wrong word. "Blaze? All right then." She turned to face the wall and took a deep breath.

Now, allow me to explain something. The strength of Roseabelle's fire breath has only once been actually tested to its limit. In her own world, she never had a reason to torch anything larger or denser than a jotunmammoth (If you need me to explain something like a jotunmammoth, simply imagine a blue mammoth the approximate size and weight of...let's say Kilimanjaro), so she never had a real challenge until she joined the Game as one of its players. She and I had an intense battle in orbit about her planet, against a madman trying to control it with an orbital death ray. Combining the thin air she had to deal with, the truly massive size of the station, and the fact that it was steel she was trying to melt, she was taxed almost to the breaking point. But I have never seen her truly cut loose in an atmosphere. I don't think I ever will.

That being said, in order to, not melt, but punch a hole through a four-foot thick marble wall was also sufficient to bathe the hallway in flame. Shielding myself between two armored ghosts, I managed to escape only with a few minor burns and some singed garments. Coughing as the smoke cleared, I smiled at the enormous hole Rose had provided. "Excellent! Let's go."
I don't quite know how to say this, but, um...




Just really thrilled about it.
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I enjoy writing, photography and film. I'm a born again Christian. Fave genres--anything that couldn't actually happen, really; fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk and cyberpunk particularly, horror (as long as it's not over the top) and occasionally historical. If anyone is willing to collaborate with me on a novella or graphic novel, please let me know, I'm eager to work with people.
The picture above was from the Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook. Or gamebook. I'm not sure. I like the guy though. He's got a kind of class going on.
Herb deverbie skerbelhurby, blah blah blah...
I'm currently a published author in the Aether Chronicle, so if you want to visit that...

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