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The Dragons of Federweisser
The Kingdom of Apfelkuchen was well-known for its beautiful damsels, ravenous dragons, and gallant knights. Grand palaces hewn from rock older than memory could recall towered gloriously so as to be seen for dozens of miles in every direction. The capitol in particular, Hasepfeffer, was so grand and proud its tallest towers were said to scrape the clouds. The resplendent banner of Hasenpfeffer hung, rippling in the breeze, from the outer walls of blue-gray stone, the high-arched gate to the inner keep, and the marble columns lining the halls of its palace. These banners bore the royal family's coat of arms: Rampant hares on a field of gravy.
Siegmeyer of Schwarzsauer, often known simply as Siegmeyer the Sauer, marched grimly down these marble halls, the heavy clanging of his armor the only sound as the pages that accompanied him preceded him, merely glancing at his dread countenance before staring straight ahead in fear of what this grim man might do to them.
Siegmeyer the Sauer steppe
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I work at McDonald's. Please don't eat our chicken nuggets. Best not eat anything on our menu except our soda and french fries, but if the Golden Arches are your only recourse, say on a road trip or a tight budget, feel free, I don't think there's anything explicitly harmful, just...stay away from those nuggets.
See, when I was first made Regional Manager, I was visited by two men in black suits and gold "M" pins. They looked oddly similar--in fact, I'd have said they were probably brothers, despite introducing themselves as Messrs. Roland and Donahue. Pale, with dark rings around their eyes, and startlingly red hair--they really did look very similar, though they attributed it to working in the same office for years (at this, they turned and gave each other the same dry chuckle) and moved on. They gave me three things: First, thick packet of papers containing a copy of the new rules and regulations regarding the operation of McDonald's restaurants in this region, updates on rec
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Z-Snap of the Boreal Valley: Cool Thing Edition by ProphetStorm Z-Snap of the Boreal Valley: Cool Thing Edition :iconprophetstorm:ProphetStorm 0 0 Z-Snap of the Boreal Valley by ProphetStorm Z-Snap of the Boreal Valley :iconprophetstorm:ProphetStorm 1 0 SO FRESH by ProphetStorm SO FRESH :iconprophetstorm:ProphetStorm 3 2
He had no twisted limbs, no angry blisters, no ashen skin, no new eyes.
He had no choral voice, the whispery, discordant voices of the Afflicted.
He was in perfect health, walking with a walking-stick from affectation rather than need.
He had on a bowler, a suit, and a sort of metal breathing mask.
The Afflicted watched as he passed by. He was doing the unthinkable. He was going to speak to Her.
He reached the outskirts of the sad town and discarded his mask. The bitter air stung his eyes.
He continued walking up the path to the cliff. There She sat.
She may have at one time been human. She had become the Pestilence.
A hundred gnarled arms. A hundred bloodshot eyes. A hundred drooling mouths that breathed out clouds of black that dissipated in the air, settling upon the town, bringing her to others. Bringing the Plague, the Pestilence, to the town.
"What have they done?" he asked.
Her hundred mouths made reply.
"They are innocent. Undeserving of this." he asserted.
Her hundred arms cla
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We first learned of them in the middle ages, but we didn't really pay much attention to them then. We would occasionally blame a death or two on them. Sometimes we made up wild stories about them to frighten our children. And...once in a while...a child would really disappear.
Well. No one's perfect. In the dead of night, who knows what could be lurking?
We forgot all about them in our rush toward industry. Yeah, we remembered the legends, but those were legends, right? Nothing to take seriously. And now, we had such ready-made explanations for the things that went bump in the night, and if anyone vanished or showed up mauled, we would explain it away.
Well. No one's perfect. In the dead of night, who knows what could be lurking?
We moved on. Grew more intelligent. More rational. More objective. And as time went by, even the mysteries we had answers for grew faint. There were no more mysteries below us. Just mysteries above us. And then, one day...we broke through. We finally found an
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Sharing Stories icon by ProphetStorm Sharing Stories icon :iconprophetstorm:ProphetStorm 2 4 Hypnosis-Green by ProphetStorm Hypnosis-Green :iconprophetstorm:ProphetStorm 2 0
How Smaug Stole Durin's Day
The town on the lake adored Durin's Day's glow...
But the dragon, who lived in Erebor, not so.
Oh, Smaug hated Durin's Day, and its whole season!
Now we may know why, but we must weigh the reason--
It could be the dwarves' greedy nature and spite.
It could be, perhaps, the old Dwarven king's might.
But I think that the most likely reason of all,
May have been that his heart was three sizes too small.
Whatever the reason, the great Northern Drake
Would lay there on Durin's Eve, hating the lake,
Staring out with a huff of smoke and a grim frown
At the longboats and jetties of old Lake-Town.
For he knew every man in that town on the lake
Was merry now, with mugs of spiced cider and cake.
"And they're singing those ballads," He growled with a frown.
"Tomorrow is Durin's Day--the sun's going down."
Then he roared, with his mighty wings mightily drumming,
"I must find that Dwarf prince and stop him from coming!"
For tomorrow, he knew that a comp'ny of twelve,
Armed by the men, also steered b
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The Game, Chapter Seven
"If you can't get along, then you can't play together at all. Now behave."
I looked at Clyde with a penitent sulk. "Sorry, Clyde."
The hairy little guy grinned back at me. "Don't worry about it. Don't hurt much. Where were we?" He raised his wooden sword and I mine. We resumed our little game.
We'd lived in the Veranita Orphanage for the longest time. One day I had made the mistake of saying he was like a brother to me, and we'd stuck together ever since.
When the call went out to kill the dragon, he and I both enlisted, though for quite different reasons and with quite different goals.
"Hey, d'you think it's a fire-breathing dragon or one of those weird ice ones? And do you suppose it's one of those wyverns, y'know, the ones with only two legs and the wings, or a drake with four legs and wings? Maybe it's a lindworm! I've always wanted to see one of those...ooh, or a basilisk..." He jabbered as we walked.
"Please, Clyde, I'm trying to think."
"I'm helping you. I'm giving you things to
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The snow fell gently on the wasteland. The sunlight that filtered through the clouds gave it a surreal, white glow. It crunched omnipresently beneath my feet, swirled ominously just outside my goggles, and settled on my shoulders with a phantom weight.
"Is this the place?” Sam asked, coming up alongside me. Like me, he was bundled up like an Eskimo, and like me, I suspect he was sweating bullets underneath. “Huh. Must be. Look at the snow…”
“Yeah…it’s all over.”
The snow fell gently, as I’ve said—but it fell quickly. Perhaps it was heavier, or perhaps it was more compact. But something was up with it. It was upward of ninety degrees out, and the snow was ankle-deep.
Sam pointed toward the ruins of an industrial complex, holding up his Geiger. “I think that’s it. Everything snug?”
“Yup,” I replied. “You?”
“Sweating like a stuck pig, but my freshness is sealed in.”
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I Dreamt of Rain
       I dreamt of the rain again, and in my dream, the streets of the capitol were dark and gleaming in the moonlight, made into a river by the rain. I walked in a heavy canvas coat, carrying a backpack and a knife. If I found something useful, I would put it in the bag. If I found a rat, or if one found me, I would kill it. The rats were perhaps the worst part of my dream.
       I dreamt of the rain again, and in my dream, I didn't know what had happened. I couldn't tell why I was alone, why the rain fell, why it pooled in the shadows and scattered in the light. The few people I found were hardly people. The rain had done its duty by them, and now they belonged to it.
       I dreamt of the rain again, and in my dream I flew. Flying high over the city, I could see vast swaths the rain had cut through the thoroughfares and marketplaces. Where man had established order, the rain swept it away. It had made the city its own. Th
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Teaser: An Angel Descends
A column of fiery orange light streaked down from the star-studded skies, piercing the black clay of the battlefield. The flames of Descent remained in the sky for a few moments before dissolving into smoke, and from the impact crater, he emerged.
Galedhil was one of the feared Seraphs, sacred warriors entrusted with the most sacred duties a warrior could be afforded. His armor was sleek and streamlined, and the still-glowing wingjets on his back fanned to their full size as he stepped out. He truly did look like an archangel in many ways--his helmet bore a halo, but it wasn't a golden glow, but rather a harsh red beam. In one hand he bore an Icon, a holy relic of ancient Earth, a glowing golden orb. In the other, he held his sword--a long shaft of metal edged with blazing light.
The Heresy, all of them, flinched when he appeared; faster than any re-entry due to a corridor his suit carved in the air ahead of him. The corrupted creatures and men turned as one to face him, the black swar
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This Is Gonna Suck
So I was driving. Just takin' a drive, right? Me and the girl, we're really close, so we're lookin' for a place to, uh, 'park'. I'm not expecting to get far tonight, but I can never tell.
So, I'm driving, she's listening to this Lana del Rey song. I never really got into that stuff, but she likes it. We're going down this country road, late at night. I think it was about eleven, twelve. I can't see the clock from where I am right now. I catch something in my high beams half a second before I plow right into it, and before it disappears under my bumper, I recognize it's a guy. Crap...I just ran over a guy.
My girl panics, you know. She's all screaming and panicking and hyperventilating. I decide that she needs to be safe, and the guy's probably dead, so I choose to comfort her first. "You're okay, it'll be fine" and all that. Instead, she jets--just gets out of the car and starts running.
At the moment, I'm all, "What the heck?" 'cause she was never like this before. But the
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The Game, Chapter Six
The sun-baked clay, covered with the dust of centuries, offered little in the way of cover or terrain advantage. It would be like fighting on a chessboard. As she flew back, Blackdawn expanded--the mysterious form beneath that tattered cloak now grew into something truly monstrous, and indicative of her true form.
Now rivalling Rose in size, and towering over me, she landed gently on the dusty desert. A vaguely humanoid form bristling with arms and tendrils, on a mass of tentacles rather than legs; her face was for the most part unchanged, apart from the now wider mouth full of slavering fangs.
"You have provoked me beyond reason," Her discordant voice boomed. "Now pay the price."
Rose could take to the sky easier than the chaos wight could in this form. But though I could take a pounding, every time I got close, she'd be able to swat me away. I needed someone else distracting her as well as Rose...
The thoughts had no sooner formed in my mind as I saw something making its way across t
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I am back, and intend to write once more. Hello again, those few of you aware of my existence on DA. :D   
Hey, all! I'm slowly becoming a starving artist, and will soon have to begin sustaining myself, at least in part, with my art. Unfortunately, it would appear my art is not in high demand. If, though, you would care to check my commission sheet on my profile, you'll find some new (lower) prices, and I also have a donation pool with multiple push goals.
So please check those out.
Additionally, a while ago I started a group called "In Search of A Face." I have been unable to maintain the group, but that's okay, because it's been pretty darn empty--though I'm hoping this summer that will change.
This group is for writers who need illustrations, or illustrators who need writers, or people just looking for a little exposure amidst the artistic community. By joining and employing the group, you'll be helping yourself and others. I have a hard time coming up with a better deal than that.
Thanks for your time, your love, and your support! I'd like especially to thank :iconwingedhatchling: for the ways you have inspired me, encouraged me, and kept me going when it was difficult.
I'll see you all around! :D


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I enjoy writing, photography and film. Fave genres--anything that couldn't actually happen, really; fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk and cyberpunk particularly, horror (as long as it's not over the top) and occasionally historical. If anyone is willing to collaborate with me on a novella or graphic novel, please let me know, I'm eager to work with people.
The picture above was from the Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook. Or gamebook. I'm not sure. I like the guy though. He's got a kind of class going on.
Herb deverbie skerbelhurby, blah blah blah...


ProphetStorm has started a donation pool!
1 / 10,000
Hey, folks, I'm trying to save up for college, and I'm trying to grow as a writer. If we can truck on through to...
1000 points, I will write a three-part, 30-page story...and the three top contributors can dictate what they want it to be about! (Within certain limits.)
2000 points, I will write a five-part, 50+ page story, and the top 5-10 contributors can dictate what they want it to be about! (Within certain limits.)
5000 points, I will write a 10-part, 75+ page story, and the top 5-10 contributors and I will sit down and discuss what it will be about...and the main character will be an OC of the top contributor, or a character of their choice.
10,000 points, I will write a 30-chapter novel. I will message people from the top 5-10 contributors and assemble a team of 3 to brainstorm with, and give you wonderful people options to influence the story at the end of each chapter. The end product will be pitched as a novel, listing my team as co-authors and signing to them a portion of the royalties, if it ever gets published.

You must be logged in to donate.


Short Story/Poem
A fantasy, sci-fi, or realistic story between 5 and 1000 words.
Or a poem between haiku length and roughly a page.
You give me the genre, subject matter, and/or main character, and I'll give you a completed piece.
Serialized Story (Novella length)
Pick a genre, punt me a plot/some characters, and I'll get cracking, sending you chapter by chapter a story that will build up to 5 to 10 chapters.
Serialized Story (Novel Length)
You read that right. For enough precious gil, I'll write you a novel. Just let me break it into the individual chapters. This is between 15 and 30 chapters (I can do more, but depending on the length, we may have to renegotiate.)
Digital Background
An abstract or semi-abstract piece for use as a backdrop for a character sheet, desktop for your computer, bedsheet for your pet gerbil, hey, it's yours, do what you want with it.
Send me a photo. Tell me what you want done to it. I'll do my darndest.


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